established in 2001, is one of the leading Powder Coatings manufacturers in Thailand.

The company is located in Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Samutprakarn, with sales office in Bangkok. During the establishment, CORNEL has cooperated with Tiger Coatings GmbH & Co.KG. on technology transfer and technical assistance.

CORNEL continues to serve our customers and stakeholders with eco-friendly products and services by committing our business practices towards sustainable ESG principles. We have finished installing solar rooftop in early 2024 to further reduce CO2 emissions, in addition to continue improving manufacturing process, researching for new biobased materials and reusing and recycling products in order to enhance efficiency and reduce waste. We continue to promote competency and wellness of our staffs and commit to comply with legal requirements and obligations.

CORNEL further supports building projects on green building, TREES or LEED, certification program with VOC-free and REACH-compliance Powder Coatings. At present, our product lines, serving several industrial and architectural sectors, include Fluoropolymer or Superior Weatherability Architectural Coatings (AAMA 2605), Anti-microbial, Anodized-like, Metallic Silver Sparkling, Low-cured and Wood-like and Heat/Light Reflective Thermal Guard Powder Coatings with lower SRI and LRV.

With dedication to R&D and strict quality control in production planning & process, we are committed to serve customers with high quality and consistency CORNEL Powder Coatings on short delivery time.

CORNEL has obtained standards and accreditation from International Standards Organizations such as ISO 9001 from BUREAU VERITAS, QUALICOAT P-1569 Switzerland with products conforming to AAMA 2603 2604 2605. We have also earned Green System Level 3 and Total Energy Management Award (TEM Award) from Ministry of Industry including Gold Level Certificate from Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (T-OSH).

Company Vision 


We are fully committed to offer you with high-quality products including the products under approved QUALICOAT and AAMA qualifications. We conduct tight controlled procedures in every stage of work process from R&D laboratory, incoming raw materials , production process, temperature-controlled storage room to on-time delivery with tests carried out according to DIN, ISO, ASTM and other standards as required.


We can serve you with either color-matched colors based on your individual requirements or our stock colors including RAL standard color shades. Either option could be delivered on a timely basis to your factory. With our global expertise and proper equipment, we are well prepared to your production line including pretreatment, application, conveyor line and oven.


Our CORNEL Powder Coatings having the specific gravity in the range of 1.3-1.7 g/cm3 with well-formulated chemical substances and controlled production process, exhibit optimum performance that leads to more savings in terms of coverage area per kg and powder recovery. Futher energy savings in terms of reduced curing temperature or oven time could be achieved with our low-cure products.